About Us

Welcome to Spotted Cheetah Boutique! 

Spotted Cheetah boutique was created after deciding I need a side hobby for myself. I listened to a podcast about a woman who started up an online boutique and decided the next day I was going to do it! I honestly didn't even know online boutiques were a thing before the podcast! 
A few months after listening to the podcast, Spotted Cheetah Boutique was officially launched on May 19, 2019. The name comes from a pair of shoes I had on one day. Coming up with the name for the boutique was harder than naming our daughter! 
We learn to adapt and grow from it! In December of 2020, we opened our first brick & mortar in Gladwin, Michigan. I am so excited to be able to see my customers. Talk to them. Have them come in to see all the goodies we have to offer! Plus, try them on inside our safe (aka the fitting room). It's pretty nifty. Our building used to be an old bank. We converted the safe into the dressing room. So fun!
It's been an interesting ride the past few years but I'm so very excited to see where Spotted Cheetah heads next! 
Running a business while being a momma, wife, corporate goer, and entrepreneur is challenging but I'm so very thankful for the support my husband, our daughter, friends, and family give. Plus all our amazing Cheetahs!  
Thank you for supporting a small town girl's dream!